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Thank you for coming to visit the METROCITY website. Our main goal was to entertain ourselves with a story we wanted to tell. It has taken a long time to get most of what we needed together. The idea started in various forms about three decade ago but life got in the way of moving ahead with the project. This is story was original going to be a web series but eventually we decided to turn it an actual paper comic. That of course held us up once again but finally the first issue is just about ready with only some production left.

The first thing to say is, that this is a story we wanted to tell for ourselves, as longggg time comic fans. Even though this story is for us, we want to ask you to join us on our adventure. We hope that you will join us on our journey into a world of the future that because of a strange event also lives in the worlds of the past. Yes I did say worlds. Yes there is a plan. There is much tell in our story. It is a journey that will take a little bit of time since, well, it starts 450 millions years ago. A hero makes a mistake and that mistake takes that long to reach the consequence of his action.

Comic fans, over the decades since comics began, have wondered, I am sure, as to what happened to those various comic book worlds. Why did those worlds disappear from the stands and our imaginations? Well we do have an answer and it will not be pretty. Still have no fear, as many of those bygone heroes and villains have not disappeared like the worlds and universes that they occupied. The answers will come very quickly but it is a bit complex and obviously a little time consuming but the anwers will start in the first issue of METROCITY COMICS. This the biggest comic project we have ever done with a very large scope. The planning was a large task and it still goes on but things will come together reasonably fast. The answers will take some time. This needed so much planning that we are not going to just throw things at you quickly. It will be paced to give you stories in the future, in METROCITY and at the same time to pull you along into an action filled and teriffying storyline. As we have already said it will not be a short story. It just has too much to tell with lots of action, intrigue, super heroes who will not be recognizeable from when you last saw them, and death...oh yeah lots of death, 450 million years worth. We think the story will be worth reading and hopefully enjoying. We will show you things you have seen before and things you may never have seen. Well, at least we think so.

So, we invite you to join our journey and hopefully be entertained as much as we will be entertained. We hope you take our invitation. Thank you for your time and patience.