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This page will show real guest stars. When we attend conventions, amazing head writer Mil Sepic interviews people who would like to be a minor guest in a story or stories. These guests are allowed to pick a character they would like to be in a storyline or invent their own right from scratch. Mil discusses the character they want to be and then at some point they will appear in a story or stories. We take photos of the guests to use for reference that the artists will need. Here we will list the real names of the actors and their character name. The first one will appear in our first story. Jason Ward will be our first guest. He wanted to be a drunk and get beat up. Well folks he fit perfectly into the first story "RAIN"
We will be posting the photos of the real actors as they join. Later we will post their comic character as they are designed. The art version of their character will appear here as well with some information about the character. Keep in mind they may still undergo changes as we develop them. Of course we will not tell you too much about them.
That's right people, if you go to a comic convention and you see a WITH PEN AND BRUSH STUDIO BOOTH then come on over and get signed up to become a character in a comic. More on this as we go along. Come back soon to view some of the characters. We will post conventions that we will be attending this year on this site.

Please email me if you have and questions or corrections When material becomes available for sale and you are interested in purchasing any original art or poster material. I prefer PayPal payment but also accept Money Orders.
Shipping costs are not yet ready.

Click on any illustration to see enlarged version. Click on the name to read the information we can give you at this time. THINGS ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION