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There are so many ways to tell a story; movie, TV episode, novel, short story, play, ballet, opera, song or passing it on by word of mouth - but the best combination is simply a comic.
Where else can you put all the other forms in one spot, to tell a story.

In any story the comic form is the best place to freeze time, accelerate it beyond comprehension and multiply it. Blur the narrative elements or sharpen them to laser pin point. Here, in graphic form, in a comic, you can do anything.
And in this story, in Metrocity, we will.

We've loved comics since ‘we was just widdle kids’. Loved them for the action, the colour, the humour of the characters, from Superman to Congo Bill and Space Ranger. We got older and started to tell our own stories. We found that the artists and writers became our heroes because they told us stories about the gifted ones; Carmine Infantino with Adam Strange and the Flash, Joe Kubert with Sgt. Rock and Hawkman, Gardner Fox and Strange Adventures and so many others. Then Jack Kirby changed the Marvel Matrix and turned the weekly monster titles into "real" characters like Ben Grimm and Peter Parker. The industry went through serious changes and the creators became important and well known. Batman got on TV, then came Wonder Woman, and the Bionic Man (TV but really a comic book). Jump ahead and there's lots of comic companies, even though some are one man/woman shows or just a group of brothers, sisters, couples, friends who dreamed and worked well together. We could go on for pages about great works, great writers and artists but but here, we want to talk about the world of 2298 and Metrocity.

Metrocity, it's the biggest city in the North American Union which contains a diverse population, everyday people and the extraordinary ones. The Union is the entire North American continent from the North pole to the radioactive waste sea where Panama once connected North America to South America. The Union will not tolerate any physical connection to any other soil, since it seceded from the rest of the world following the Great War that began in 2051. The coasts are patrolled every minute of every day - no one is allowed through. Any attempt will bring instant termination. The frigid Arctic prevents easy passage there, while at the equator and the Mexican Gulf there's the Mysterious Vortex and the strangest creatures around it. Amelia's plane drifts in through the Vortex; a lantern jawed New Englander raves about mountains of madness, and old forgotten heroes suddenly appear to help lost travelers in peril of their lives.

This is the world where Metrocity exists. This mega city stretches from beyond Toronto, through Hamilton and runs to New York and Manhattan. Metrocity is the nerve center of the Union and it is still constantly absorbing communities and growing. It's a city of 500 million people, give or take 750,000 on the regular census, but it has a daily influx of some 150 to 200 million who commute, travel for pleasure or just get lost. It's the city of a million villages, 1,462 Chinatowns alone; and home to thousands of fairs, rodeos, festivals, pow wows, clan gatherings, reunions, Elvis conventions and many other celebrations – it is far from quiet and it has truly warped time zones. You can enter Rick's American Cafe just as it was in 1940's, or a basement speakeasy in the Roaring 20's, maybe run from the temperance turmoil of the 1890's, dive into the hedonism of the Disco era or dodge around the hard edge of the early beatnick, rap and dub years in the 1980s.

That's the background buzz for the stories up front. Chief among these stories is that of Ymric. Here we will find out if this genetically enhanced bounty hunter is in love with Media who is not a robot but surely not human. We have Ymric's adversary, Yaban Odokemono, who was once a subject of his father's experiments (# 657) and much like Victor's experiment he escaped the lab in an explosion of blood and fire only to return later to satiate his need for revenge. The prodigal lab subject came back for a fatal project of his own, but when he finds out that while he killed the father, the son - Ymric, didn't perish in the attack. Now experiment 657 has to decide; should the boy still die for his father's sins? He may have to stand in line to do that because others also have an agenda about Ymric, some want him alive but dead is acceptable to others.

Cardinal Synn, Metrocity’s head of the Catholics, considers Ymric a threat that he may have Mother Mercy remove. Mother Mercy’s other mission conflicts with the Mafia Don Guiseppe Calderone who has his own interest in the bounty hunter. Mafia rival Demonn Rumm has already set a plan in motion centering on Ymric because of a bail runner that the hunter caught before Rumm could catch him. And why do police detectives LaFarge and Ferris hate Ymric enough to endanger him while Detective Inspector Samuel Bogart acts like his uncle?

All this happens around the mystery of the centuries. Why are strange super heroes arriving from their own universes? Are they here to help or destroy?
Come with us and meet the other strange and wonderfully unique characters.

Visit soon at... http:www.metrocity.com as our comic website begins to develop for your entertainment pleasure.

Thanks Vincent Marchesano & Mil Sepic

METROCITY, Ymric©™ and Media©™ and all related characters and entire contents are copyrighted 2010 by Vincent Marchesano and SPECTRUM-AEON COMICS©™. All rights are reserved. All names, characters, events and locales in this publication are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events and places, without satiric intent is coincidental. No portion of this book may be reproduced by any means, digital, print or any future technologies without written permission of Vincent Marchesano and SPECTRUM-AEON COMICS©™ except for review purposes. Printed in Canada.
This is all you get for the moment. Stay tuned.

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