Deep in the African jungle, the WHITE PANTHER is the last survivor of an ancient albino tribe of a lost hidden city.

In another universe; on another Earth he is known as the RED PANTHER

In yet another universe; on yet another Earth he is known as THE CONGO RAIDER

Here is the way it goes. One of these three becomes the new and improved WHITE PANTHER. One will be a replacement to protect one of the Earths. The other will lose everything...his name...his old life and his world. This one will never have a place to which he can return.

The VORTEX will release the new altered WHITE PANTHER into the future and his new destiny...but he only lasts a few seconds, before he disappears once again.

SUPERMIND:"Welcome, he's waiting for you. You are about to begin an amazing adventure... if we survive."

While in the VORTEX someone or something was left behind... "Shkweee...Help... where am I?"

Well folks, here is what is the story. You didn't think we were going to tell you here, did you? We will tell you that WHITE PANTHER is extremely important to the future, but which future and who's future, well that will be eventually revealed. How do THE EYE and SUPERMIND enter the equation? Let's not forget the one left behind in the VORTEX. See you all one day with the 411...that's info to some of you.