When the origin of the VORTEX is first introduced it will be in a desert with a bearded man who turns slowly and looks at it and waves his hand at the tendrils and simple says... "Begone, my place is here."
The tendrils retract and the Vortex starts to fade.
"You have important work elswhere!"

The Creation
Series of events for the creation of the Time Vortex.
After a European force attempts to invade the xenophobic NORTH AMERICAN UNION through South America coming up through Central Amercia, SUMISU TECHNOLOGIES is hired to figure out how Central America could be separated from South America. Sumisu-San's planned operation that would have worked like clockwork but UNFORTUNATELY a series of events that were beyond the control of Sunisu occurred.

We add in a 1970's super hero known as DR. T and Merlin the Magician in the far past; throw in King Arthur, the Lady of The Lake, a fire breathing dragon, Excailbur with HG Well's Time Machine and an atomic explosion and somehow something is created...THE VORTEX. This VORTEX would change the past and the future in many universes and forever alter the face of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION and everything else we know.

SUMISU thinks that all this is his fault and that he had erred in his plans. He quickly set up teams of scientists to study the results and hired a huge mercenary force to protect and investigate the area. These were to be called A.P.E.X. TEAMS.

The entire fiasco creates some type of time mechanism, a contaminated sea, new land masses, creatures never before seen on Earth and the introduction of the past into the future altering the future forever. We will answer what happened to many who disappeared in the past from many universes and introduce them to the future but if you think everything is cut and dry...well think again because definitely not everything is what it seems. The future needs to be afraid....very afraid.

And how does H.P LOVECRAFT fit into all this. Find out for yourselves.