In the mid 2000's a young Japanese boy is kidnapped. His name was Shin Sumisu and he was 12 years old. The Kidnapper was a Japanese scientist of ill repute by the name of Dr. Robert Suzuki who was born in the United States. Living in Japan and mocked for his insane ideas he kidnapped the young Shin to perform a dangerous experiment. He confines the boy for 10 years during which time he experiments on him.

The experiment:
Sorry can't tell you because it is a secret.

The results:
Sumisu. Really not a chance we are telling you the result of this experiment. Okay you can see some of the results in the art but there is much more to SUMISU. Needless to say what happened changes the face of North America and much of the world maybe even the Universe...okay yeah it does do this and much more.

The Corporation:
Shin Sumisu created the SUMISU TECHNOLOGICAL ENTERPRISES. Created after the Third World War...yeah there was a Third World War without any brain sucking zombies. Come on zombies really...sorry no zombies...okay maybe if we can figure out a way we can throw in a zombie or two....wait...nope...not on the agenda.

Oh boy does he have inventions... but technically no he does not really create the all powerful VORTEX but he does facilitate it as does DR.T ...MERLIN...KING ARTHUR...THE DRAGON...THE LADY IN THE LAKE....H.G. WELLS....AN ATOMIC EXPLOSION and more. Keeping you on your toes here.

Shin is the benefactor for most of the new visitors and helps to create A.P.E.X and even THE POWERHOUSE as well as SLS...Plastimetal and could he have also created some super heroes...maybe...maybe not.

Shin and THE IDEA...what is that about.