SAND IN YOUR ASS is a HEAVY METAL DEATH ROCK BAND. These guys love to brawl and play really hard heavy metal with on screen deaths and deaths in the audience...are the fake deaths or real...hmmm...probably real. We will let you in a little secret. Do you know who THE LITTLE WISE GUYS are? They worked with DAREDEVIL but not the one most of you know but the original Daredevil in the Lev Gleason publication DAREDEVIL. Part way into the DAREDEVIL series Daredevil disappeared from his own series with issue#70. Where did he go? Well we will find out later. How are THE LITTLE WISE GUYS connected to SAND IN YOUR ASS? Maybe you can figure it out?

is guitar player of Russian descent likes to speak English in a Russian accent on stage and when in interviews but in is personal life he speaks perfect fancy English and is a well read character and a fighter in Russian martial arts.

is the singer in the group SAND IN YOUR ASS. When he sings his voice is hard and harsh and in constant pain and emotional turmoil. He is named after the real Phineas P. Gage who had a railway spike sent through his head and survived... to see about him go to... PHINEAS P. GAGE.

is a the weight lifter and heavy hitter in the group. He tends to speak in the old pug-nosed wrestler speak. He comes off like a punk but is an especially good lover and tends to have many groupies. When he is in fights he is like a pile driver and very dangerous.

is a huge bear of a man and the drummer of the band. He is of Scandanavian descent and BJORN is the name for Bear in Scandanavian. URSIDAL is the scientific class name for bears. When BJORN fighters he moves like a grizzly and strikes like one. He has practiced Tai Chi and is a deadly fighter like a bear.

They will eventually meet GOLDEN DEVIL who somehow is connected to THE ELECTRIC TALONS. Of course how that connection comes about will be up to you to figure out, until you get to read the story.