SAMUEL BOGART is a commander of detectives in Metrocity Hamilton district. He has a love of film noir and tends to dress and act like old detectives and characters from noir features he has studied. He is good friends with YMRIC and MEDIA and does not know their real identity. BOGART is the father of Betty Bogart also known as BOWTIE BETTY and lady of the night who works with SWEET SURRENDER.

BOGART speaks like a noir detective and usually in short and abrupt sentences. He also likes to use old 1940 gun replicas that are modified to shoot sensory bullets. Sensory bullets explode on body contact with a plasma like discharge that stun and paralyse the victim. Regular bullets are no longer legally made. These guns are used by all police forces. Military forces use versions that explode and kill on contact. Military guns can shoot bullets that can maim and kill as they are used against enemies from outside the isolation zones or during military offenses and in prisons.