Joseph and Hanna Messick are ROUGH and READY. They are super heroes...well sort of., They think they are but are they really? They certainly aren't POWERHOUSE material. What's POWERHOUSE? Look elsewhere because no answer can be found here. ROUGH and READY are not what they seem. They both work as a security team for the SUMISU SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES. They are tasked with protecting SUMISU SAN's many secrets in ways that reflect their names. They have tense relationships with much of METROCITY's underworld; hell they have tense relationships with the superheroes as well. They get around and do battle using stability enhanced one wheel cycles.

Joseph and Hanna are extremely close friends with KENJI and KANNA who also have secret identies. You will know them as YMRIC and MEDIA. All four are unaware of each other's secrets. ROUGH & READY have a very tense relationship to YMRIC and MEDIA as well. The relationship between the foursome's secret identities is not quite as tense but let's say it is interesting.