We are not sure at this point as we are still not committed to her name. Either way RED ANGEL is a beautiful mulatto woman from CUBA. Her real name is Angella Clarita Suarez. Angella; as a teenager she had wandered away from home on a boat. She had become lost at sea and somehow manages to end up near where Panama once existed. APEX agents saw her as they were there for another reason. They were on their way to rescue her but a mutated sea creature went after her. A Vortex opened at the same time and out came a new and altered old hero from the past RED RAVEN. RED RAVEN was still disoriented as he was thrown out and saw the girl was in peril. A super hero does what a superhero does and went after her to save her. Unfortunately it is a rescue that does not go as planned and Angella will be forever altered in a cruel way. Will she become a heroine or a villianess? Is she going to be part of the master plan? Time will tell.