RED ANGEL may be called ANGEL IN RED, not sure at this point as we are still not committed to her name. RED ANGEL is a beautiful mulatto woman from CUBA. Her real name is Angella Clarita Suarez. Angella; as a teenager she was attacked by a mutated sea creature off the shores of Cuba. It was some sort of energy creature that had managed to wander out of the contaminated Panama area. She was saved by a local super-hero from the past RED RAVEN (a Vortex arrival). Unfortunately the creature managed to pass on some form of energy to her which slowly manifested itself over a few years. The enegry came on at random and she had problems controlling it. She discovered that during a moment of sexual penetration that her body energy activated and her boyfriend was killed. The energy manifested as fiery wings from her back. Angella figures that she can never have sex again. She has trouble controlling the enegry at other times as well. People became afraid of her and she became a pariah in her village.

She came to the attention of SUMISU SAN through his locally based mercenaries. Since SUMISU felt responsible for her condition, Angella is taken to one of his labs and is soon studied and fitted with a synthetic metal like material that contains the energy. Whether it contains the energy for long, well, that may be a different story. Now she has to learn to control this power she has been gifted.

Whether she becomes a hero or villain is still to be decided. Stay with us to find out.