Your host is MILOS ZEK. ZEK owns and operates The Cabaret Bizarre a burlesque and night club. His girl dancers are also his enforcers who are under the command of INKSPOT. INKSPOT is ZEK's chief enforcer. The Cabaret Bizarre is a cover for his other less legitimate business. He is a major fence of stolen materials and also an equipment and weapons supplier. MILOS ZEK has a strained relationship with YMRIC and MEDIA. He often times supplies them with information and equipment. His enforcer INKSPOT has a real hard-on for MEDIA. They always piss each other off to ZEK's grief.

ZEK is on the radar of DEMONN RUMM as this character feels that he is holding a drug that belongs to C.C. COMPENSATION. DEMONN RUMM is going to find the drug he so desperately needs. Unfortunately you endanger ZEK then you have to suffer the punishment that will be visited on you by INKSPOT's dangerous powers.