MILOS ZEK is our interpretation of a character very loosely modelled after Joel Grey from CABARET. ZEK owns and operates The Cabaret Bizarre a burlesque and night club. His girl dancers are also his enforcers who are under the command of INKSPOT. INKSPOT is ZEK's chief enforcer. The Cabaret Bizarre is a cover for his other less legitimate business. He is a major fence of stolen materials and also an equipment and weapons supplier. MILOS ZEK has a strained relationship with YMRIC and MEDIA. He often times supplies them with information and equipment. His enforcer INKSPOT has a real hardon for MEDIA. They always piss each other off to ZEK's grief.

ZEK is on the radar of DEMONN RUMM as this character feels that he is holding a drug that belongs to C.C. COMPENSATION. For more information on this see the DEMONN RUMM page.