Leonard Mancini is the main villian in the first story arc. His story concerns the kidnapping of Raine a young girl who is meant to be Mancini's meal ticket out of Metrocity's lower city. Mancini has a psychological hate of rain that effects him when he is undergoing anger and stress. What he does to this poor school girl is horrible but not how you think, it is worse.

Mancini has/had a love for SINGIN' IN THE RAIN which he first saw as a youngster in the remake of CLOCKWORK ORANGE which was a pale comparison to Kubrick's version. He eventually located the original film and became a big fan. Leonard later discovered the original song in the 1952 musical SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. Unfortunately, the song now is destroyed for him by his obession with rain. This song is a key point in the opening sequence of the first story arc. During this sequence we will be introducing the first of our "real life" supporting characters. Look elsewhere to learn more about how you the reader can get a part in our stories.

Leonard Mancini was a loyal soldier of the North Amercian government military. He was posted in many areas of North America and conducted himself with strength and love for duty. His loyality led him to volunteer for a series of experiments in what used to be Central America, where he is betrayed by his own people. What they created was a killing machine that would cost many lives.

Mancini will come into contact with characters like SWEET MELODY, BLUEBERRY TART and BOWTIE BETTY who will involvel her father, Master Detective SAMUEL BOGART.

Mancini will eventually come into YMRIC's radar and it will not be pretty. Will he reveal the whereabouts of his kidnap victim or will it be too late.

Who will survive this deadly adventure?