The lady with the ever shifting skin is called INKSPOT. This woman with top hat and cane works for MILOS ZEK. She is totally loyal to Zek, but why? This dangerous woman (is she a woman) does not need him and she is not bound to him by anything of which anyone is aware. Time will reveal why she is so important to our story. Her tale will be critical to the world of Metrocity and quite possible the entire universe. INKSPOT has constantly moving black spots on her entire body. She is able to go totally black at anytime or blackout parts of her body. Her cane can focus her power but what she can do, is terrifying to many bad people and even friends. Is she a monstrosity? A saviour or a creator? Man oh man that is sure a simplified version of one deadly woman whose idol by the way is centuries gone actress Rosalind Russell. Just thought you would want to know.