TheEMERALD FURY story crosses over into the lives of many expatriated heroes and villians. His creation is epic. Once a hero...wait he was more than one hero who become one powerful being. He is a creator of life...well once he was. He was dead and alive...he was male and he was female. Got you attention yet? We hope so.
EMERALD FURY, one of the most powerful characters in the METROCITY universe is now a prisoner of sorts and when he escapes, he no longer is quite the hero he once was or she once was or it once was.

This story will be told by MASTER MYSTIC but the question is why. What does this character from long, long ago have to do with EMERALD FURY? Actually is this really the same long missing MASTER MYSTIC? You know, come to think of it, the vast majority of you have no idea whatsoever about who MASTER MYSTIC once was. You will soon though.

Did you know that at one time there used to be a cloaked mystery man called MR. MIRACLE? No, not the one you know of today. This one was lost in time and now you will know why and what he has to do with EMERALD FURY.
Here is another one for you... THE GREEN MASK. What does he have to do with all this? GREEN MASK... you know him from the past...well actually no you don't but EMERALD FURY has no choice but to know him. Why?

Finally what do THE WRAITH, THE GREEN JET and MAGGA THE MAGNIFICENT have to do with all this. Don't worry they all die so you don't really need to know anything about them. Of course we are probably lying but you will find out eventually.

HERO: "So EMERALD FURY we meet again."
EMERALD FURY: "Sigh, he we go once again."
"Om mani padme hum!"