What is special and different about the ELECTRIC TALON? The ELECTRIC TALON are actually two different people, one is a male and one is female.

The two Talon characters are basically composed of skin embedded with gold alloys which consist of mythical and scientific materials. Why are there two and why can they not ever meet? That is the tragedy of the ELECTRIC TALONS.

We will let you know that the ELECTRIC TALONS do come from two separate parallel universes with their origins similar but quite different. THE ELECTRIC TALONS are connected to the NEMEAN LION and the heroes HERACLES and HERAKLES. If you want to learn more, look up the NEMEAN LION and you may get a clue. Check out HERACLES and HERAKLES for more info. We will slowly learn how their worlds are different and how the the world of METROCITY could be in danger. Could be? Oh yes most certainly.

A rip was caused in the fabric of time and space that brings different objects and characters from the past and future into the METROCITY timeline. In the ELECTRIC TALONS situation is different, they somehow appear only over METROCITY. The soldiers now called the ELECTRIC TALON are both drawn into our universe by the mysterious VORTEX, but, due to their godly properties a dangerous situation occurs. What that is and why the two can not meet will be explained to all our readers in METROCITY:VORTEX

YMRIC and MEDIA and THE POWERHOUSE heroes are drawn into battle with them often as whenever they appear they seem to go on wild crime sprees, but are they actually looking for something that may save them. Eventually MEDIA discovers the real threat of the ELECTRIC TALONS and the reason for her to fear and avoid them.

The male ELECTRIC TALON concocts a dangerous plan to discover who the female ELECTRIC TALON is. Their story could be one of deadly danger or one of unrequited love. Unrequited love, one-sided love, is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer's deep and strong romantic affection, or may consciously reject it. Which is it, in the case of the deadly ELECTRIC TALON. Be ready for them.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention GOLDENDEVIL...yes he had another name in his time and yeas he is tied to the ELECTRIC TALONS but what could that be. Time will tell.