CHIEF JUSTICE and VAGABOND PRINCE with JESTER are in for a shocking journey. Well one of them will at least. This is not going to be your average superhero, super villian story. Is it one story...two stories...three? This one has heroes and villians, time travel, space travel, universe travel, mutants, crazy scientists and a lottery ticket. Okay twist my arm....okay...okay...ouch...ouch....I will give you the titles...."MANY SOUNDS OF THUNDER" ... "TRAPPED WITHIN THE SOUNDS OF THUNDER" ... "SOUNDS OF THUNDER NO MORE".

For those of you who may have heard of CHIEF JUSTICE, well this is not your grandfather's CHIEF JUSTICE. He will affect the lives of many not so nice characters in the world of METROCITY. I personally love the story that you will read.

A voice: "You are correct, he is going to be an incredible asset when the time comes. He will make the difference." Supermind "I am sure you can direct his training. Do you want him here?" A voice: "No let him work out his anger on this world. It is filled with many people that need to be brought to justice after all he is now a deadly CHIEF JUSTICE."