C. C. COMPENSATION is a beautiful but extremely deady woman of Italian descent named CONNIE CAPRICIA COMPENSATION. C.C. owns a limo service that specializes in high risk clientelle such as CALDERONE and MILOS ZEK. She has a deadly stable of women who work for her. The girls that she hires tend to be usually ex-strippers or hookers that have unique fighting abilities or deadly super powered talents. Her services are high priced as they act not only as drivers, but they are also deadly and fierce protective bodyguards.

C.C. has an ongoing battle with DEMONN RUMM. RUMM believes C.C has a cure that he needs. He is constantly trying to capture her and attacks even when she is on a job. DEMONN RUMM interacts with her often as he takes on hits of high powered clients that she and her team chaueffer. Expect lots of high powered action when these two enemies meet. Their antics often come to the attention of many of the masked heroes and heroines from the past but not always from our past. C.C. has nmany lovers who she uses and abuses and some may be part of THE POWERHOUSE. That is all you get for now.