CARDINAL SYNN works from out of the Hamilton Sector of Metrocity. SYNN is the North American Vatican's dark ops leader and he is definitely far from a very nice man. CARDINAL SYNN's chief enforcer is the extremely dangerous MOTHER MERCY and her dangerous cadre of soldiers who have no problem working around the Lord's laws. SYNN's idolization of the ancient POPE BORJA is no secret and his methods are just as corrupt. CARDINAL SYNN does not make secret, his intention, to become the Pope of North America, using any method possible.

CARDINAL SYNN has another agenda. He has a very heavy dislike for North America's newest religion, CHRISLAM. He feels it is his duty to destory the upstart religion that has grown in North America. There are many who will fight him to protect the new religion of peace. Many in the super hero community are among those.
He has many secrets in his past and they will eventually show up to destroy him...if they can.